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Utilitech 5 Gallon Expansion Pressure Overflow Tank 0160682 * ... 275-330 Gallon IBC Tote Water Tank Adapter 2" Brass Hose Faucet Valve Tool New. $16.98 + $2.00 shipping + $2.00 shipping + $2.00 shipping. Seller 93% positive Seller 93% positive Seller 93% positive. GALLON IBC TOTE TANK ADAPTER To 1/2" (15mm) x GARDEN Hose FAUCET VALVE FITTINGS ...So, my friend Mike contacts me and asks if I would talk rainwater harvesting with him. You can guess what I said, I'm sure. Several hours, beers, and napkins later we came to this. 5 IBC totes (he wanted to use these because of future plans for a deck above) several hundred feel of 3″ PVC pipe, some 4″ PVC, and a 6″ PVC length for building the most awesome first flush ever!

Everything IBC Totes. IBC Totes 330 & 275 Gallon Wine Shipping Containers - 275 & 330 gallon IBC Totes. These Plastic Wine and liquid Storage Tanks are BPA Free Polyethylene FDA Approved Made in the USA in stock in the Napa Valley!!The IBC tote is widely used in many industries. It is a basic tank that stores liquid.

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Jan 14, 2016 · I have a tote under my deck to protect it from uv. I have two gutter down spouts feeding it, 3/8" of rain fills it. And I have a buried line providing a "continuous drip" to my ground level watering hole for the local wildlife, which includes an elevated bird bath.

The 130 Gallon Bushman Polyethylene Slimline Rain Tank is 49"L x 17"W x 50"H and weighs 127 lbs. Fast delivery, quality tanks at unbeatable prices! Toggle navigation Call Toll Free 866-926-5603Make a second hole to release overflow. If the barrel collects a lot of rain, it'll need an overflow opening to release the extra water. Using your drill or box cutter, cut 1-2 smaller holes in the lid to accommodate this extra flow. If you want to collect the overflow water, build a second rain barrel.

This Educational DIY Rainwater Collection System - All You Need to Know covers another rainwater system. I put together a DIY Rainwater Collection System this past weekend. It consists of an IBC tote, modifications to the downspouts and some 3" PVC. This post will explain all of the steps that were used in putting this system together.Available 8am-5pm EST/ M-F Located at 10420 North State Street. Harrison, Ohio 45030. 275 gallon IBC tote water storage container tank Food Grade and Non Food Grade. PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE BUYING TO SPECIFY WHICH SIZE AND TYPE YOU WANT PRICES VARY. 720-883-7404 I have lots of totes available right now.

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The Save the Rain Water diverter comes in two dimensions. The smaller diverter comes in a size of 11L x 3W x 2.5H inches. The large diverter's dimensions are 11L x 4W x 3H inches. This diffuser is made of durable, galvanized steel intended to boost both strength and resistance during even the harshest weather storms.
NEWFOM IBC Tote Cover, 420D Heavy Duty IBC Ton Barrel Protective Cover, Dust-Proof Tarpaulin Hood Water Tank Container Cover for 1000 Liters IBC Rainwater Tank, 48 L x 40 W x 47 H inch Black $36.99 #16

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33.83 USD$33.83. Qty : Add to Cart. Find a Dealer or Salesperson. Description. Notes. This flanged 4 inch Tank Overflow Kit is the Overflow Fitting installed on all Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting Tanks. There is a standard rule of thumb when plumbing your rain harvesting system. Rainwater has to be able to exit your tank (when it's at maximum ...