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The Windows 10 Ease of Access is pretty organized, though its features can be more helpful. This is why Microsoft created the Disability Answer desk among other avenues to receive feedback, and give technical assistance via phone and chat.

In Windows 10, go to Display Settings from right-clicking on the Desktop, select Home, then Ease of Access. There will be a choice to Make text bigger. Dragging the slider left or right will make that part of Google Chrome lower or higher. Click on Apply to engage the choice.

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Windows 10 Troubleshooting Windows 10 Manuals Display Problems Sound Problems Drivers And ... it'll help you reach new levels of mastery. This is the ideal concise, immediate answers reference you'll want with you at all times. Table of Contents About This Book 1. Welcome to Windows 10 Navigating Windows 10 Editions Deploying Windows 10 ...

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